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Study Online at FPT University | Go Abroad Easy

Study Online at FPT University

FPT University is offering international students a 3-year Bachelor’s Degree programme with shcolarship opportunities and the ability to study from home. Upon completion, student will be offered a degree in Software Engineering.

Why you should study with FPT:

  1. Flexible study plan
  2. Network with industry mentors
  3. Ability to transfer to Vietnam during course of study
  4. Get jobs before graduation
  5. Affordable tuition fees

Entry requirements are High School certificate and English Language.

Tuition breakdown:

Year 1 – 2400 USD, Certificate 1,2 & 3
Year 2 – 2400 USD, certificate 4,5 & 6 (200 USD admin fee & 160 USD health insurance if student transfers to Vietnam)
Year 3 – 1600 USD, Certifcate 5,6 & 7 (160 USD health insurance and 150 USD visa extension fee.)

*Available for September intake.

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