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Frequently Asked Questions | Go Abroad Easy

Frequently Asked Questions

Before Arrival

What is the admission procedure?


1A. Registration & Login
After looking for necessary information on FPT University’s website, you need to register an account to login FPT University Online Admission system.

1B. Program Selection
Choose a program and a proposed month of entry that are suitable for you.

1C. Document Uploading
Fill in your information and upload required documents. After your documents are uploaded successfully, you will be asked to wait for up to 3 days for documents review.

2A. Conditional Offer Letter & Fee Plan
Once you have been accepted, the University will send you course details and start dates. You’ve also received a Fee plan, which mentions all fees that you need to pay before your visa is processed and during the course.

2B. Offer Confirmation
If you agree to the offer, update your missing documents and go to the next step. If you don’t agree, please send us email if you have any inquiries.

3A. Payment
All fees will be paid in FPT University’s account given in Fee Plan. You also need to provide information relating to payment such as account name, bank name, amount, payment date and payment proof scan. In this step, health check report is also required.

3B. Admission Letter & Visa
You will receive Admission Letter after the University receives your money. It might take you about 2 weeks to receive visa reference code.

4A. Flight Details
Upload your flight details on the system so that the University could arrange taxi picking you from the airport.

Will I be granted visa once I complete the admission procedure?

Each country has a unique visa application process. We work with the school and the embassy to ensure that all our students are granted a visa.

Does IGMB offer scholarship?

No. IGMB does not offer scholarship. We put you in touch with schools abroad and help you with admission and visa process. International scholarships are very limited and highly competitive, so we encourage you to apply to affordable schools within your means.

I have never traveled to the new country, how do I cope?

A lot of our students are traveling for the first time in their lives. For this reason, we have created a community of Nigerians in every country where we have Nigerian students. These communities help new students to settle into the new country and also provide information about food, accommodation, work, cost of living, etc. The Nigerian ambassador to the foreign country is also a member of our community, so we get to monitor the welfare of all our students.

How about accommodation? Can I stay off campus?

New students are advised to stay on campus to help them settle in quickly. However, once a student becomes familiar with the environment, he/she can choose to stay off campus.

When do I start classes?

Date of resumption will be communicated with you after you complete your application. We advise that application should be completed early to allow sufficient time for visa processing.

After Arrival

Can I get a job while schooling or after graduation?

There are a lot of opportunities for Nigerian students and graduates abroad. Kindly book an appointment and tell us in which country you would like to study so that we can provide you the job opportunities for that country.

How do I renew my visa?

The school will request for your international passport and apply for visa extension on your behalf.

Can I stay permanently in the new country?

Yes. After graduation, you can stay in the new country under a work visa or apply for permanent residence or citizenship if you are eligible.

What is the total cost of schooling abroad?

Each country, university, and degree program has a unique fee plan. Kindly book an appointment and tell us in which country you would like to study so that we can provide you the cost of the programs offered by each university.

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